Het Industriegebouw


The Industry Building is an icon of reconstruction, created in post-war Rotterdam by the legendary architects Hugh Maaskant in collaboration with Willem van Tijen. After the Second World War, Het Industriegebouw was built for the Municipality of Rotterdam, making it one of the first multi-company buildings in the Netherlands.

In a poor condition and with a lot of overdue maintenance, Het Industriegebouw (HIG) was bought in 2015 by Rotterdam investors with daring and heart for the city. The idea to restore this icon of Rotterdam’s reconstruction to its full glory and to return it to its original state and function was born.

HIM can be visited every Saturday between 2 pm and 3 pm. An enthusiastic guide takes you behind the scenes of Het Industriegebouw on a one-hour art and architecture tour including coffee. Book your tickets now and experience it for yourself!

Currently, the building is practically full of more than 200 companies, a lively community of more than 1000 professionals and a great diversity of high-quality catering and retail concepts such as By Jarmusch , Old Scuola and Héroine .


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