Hotel Not Hotel

3 stars ***, Arts and Culture, Hotel

Hotel Not Hotel, which is only 250 meters from Rotterdam Central Station, has 36 rooms, 3 of which have suites with a Jacuzzi in the room. The rooms are hidden or disguised as artistic objects. The open character of the hotel is evident because there are no anonymous hotel corridors. For example, the rooms adjoin two courtyards that serve as a social environment where hotel guests can come together.

As the name suggests, Hotel Not Hotel is not a standard hotel. In essence, it fits the description, but when you step inside and look around, you immediately understand why this is more than a hotel. In collaboration with artists Arno Coenen, Hans van Bentem, Sander Wassink and Jelle Mastenbroek, hotel rooms have been realized in the most diverse styles.

The hotel also houses the accompanying Mexican restaurant with cocktail bar under the name Jesús Malverde. In the restaurant, visitors can enjoy dinner and cocktails until the late hours, 7 days a week. The menu will mainly consist of Mexican street food or antojitos (literally: “small appetite”).

The interior of the restaurant is an extension of the hotel and follows the artistic approach by means of a unique and daring interior. Jesús Malverde mainly focuses on Rotterdammers and local residents. In combination with the hotel guests, this creates a nice mix between locals and tourists.