Rotterdam Public Transportation Museum


Historical museum

The collection includes the horse tram from 1881; the cream-colored wagons from the period 1911-1918; the ocher yellow four-axle cars with the central balcony, which were built from 1929 onwards, but also the ‘Delmez’, ‘Allan’ and ‘Schindler’. The collection also includes a collection of historical photos, cards, caps, cutters, certificates and a real money changer.

In the sales tram, photos and postcards of the tram equipment, books, pens, key rings and other public transport-related items are for sale. The museum is open every first Saturday of April to November.

Historic trams and buses travel the route to the museum from various boarding points in Rotterdam. These rides are included in the admission price, so you can visit the museum without having to worry about parking.

Check the website for tickets and departure times .