Cycling is a perfect mode of transport for discovering the city either independently or in a group. On a bike you are active, fast and flexible and it is easy to stop at all the sight and points of interest you pass on your route.
UrbanGuides rents two models of bikes to groups and individual visitors. You can choose between a Kronan or a Jopo. The Kronan is a sturdy bike that guarantees a comfortable cycling experience and is available for rental to groups of at least 10 people. The Jopo is a hip and trendy everyday bike that is light and easy to use in traffic and is available for individual rental. Booking in advance is necessary for both models.
With group rentals it is also possible to have the bikes delivered to or picked up from another location in the city instead of the UrbanGuides office.
UrbanGuides specialises in organising guided walking tours and bike excursions. 

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