WEAR sells refurbished sneakers – so called ‘pre-loved’ sneakers, but also offers sneaker cleaning and repair services. Thus, giving sneakers a second life, but also extending their lifespan. A more sustainable consumer society is necessary according to the founders. WEAR works together with various sorting companies like Leger des Heils Reshare and Sympany. These companies collect millions of kilograms of textiles every year in the Netherlands. WEAR buys the collected sneakers, cleans them thoroughly, inserts a new Ortholite insole and sells them as new, ready to be loved again. All the sneakers are priced between 30 and 60 euros, making them available for everyone. Besides their sustainable mission, WEAR strives to make the labor market more inclusive. A big part of the WEAR team are people with untapped labor potential, like youngsters who have difficulty finding a job due to various reasons. They might lack educational background, but it also includes people who have made the wrong choices at a young age. At WEAR they get the chance to discover and develop their talents. The store is designed by the professionals of Image Builders.


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