Measures coronavirus: In response to the coronavirus the Dutch government has taken additional measures. Read more info

Additional measures in response to the coronavirus

Additional measures in response to the coronavirus

In response to the coronavirus the Dutch government has taken additional measures. Please read all information concerning the coronavirus.

Step by step

Due to the coronavirus everyone in The Netherlands has to keep a minimum distance of 1,5 meters to one another – unless they belong to the same family – and avoid busy places. Supermarkets and most shops are open (again). Restaurants and bars, museums, theaters or public meeting places such as galleries and attractions are closed until June 1. If the virus remains under control, the following will be possible as of 1 June:

  • cafés and restaurants may reopen outdoor seating areas as long as people can stay 1.5 metres apart;
  • cinemas, restaurants, cafés and cultural institutions (such as concert venues and theatres) will reopen, subject to certain conditions:
    – a maximum of 30 people (excluding staff). People must be able to stay 1.5 metres apart;
    – visitors must reserve beforehand;
    – the owner will discuss with customers beforehand whether their visit entails risks;
  • museums and heritage sites will reopen. Visitors must buy tickets beforehand, to ensure people can stay 1.5 metres apart.

Visit this page for the most recent updates around the COVID-19 virus.

Public transport

The measures taken to combat the coronavirus are also leading to fewer travellers on public transport. That is why public transport companies have adjusted their timetables until 1 June. Take into account that departure times have changed and that transport will run less often. These changes will be comparable to weekend/holiday schedules. The RET has also adjusted the timetable for the tram, bus and metro. Tickets are no longer sold on the bus or tram. You are responsible for a valid ticket and checking in and out during the trip.

Since public transport will probably become busier around 1 June, it will be more difficult to stay 1.5 metres apart. That is why everyone travelling on public transport will be required to wear a non-medical face mask.


The measures surrounding the COVID-19 virus have a direct impact on the residents, entrepreneurs and visitors in Rotterdam. But even in these difficult times, the unmistakable  Rotterdam perseverance and go-getter mentality remains tangible and visible. Countless initiatives are cropping up daily, from home delivery services to community actions for the more vulnerable in the city. On the website #ROTTERDAMZETDOOR you will find crisis-related, consumer-oriented initiatives by enterprising Rotterdammers.

Rotterdam Welcome Card

Many of Rotterdam’s top attractions and museums and also participating restaurants and cafes where you get a discount with the Rotterdam Welcome Card are at least closed until 1 June. We are, therefore, not selling Rotterdam Welcome Cards in our stores at the moment. You can order the Rotterdam Welcome Card online and have it sent to your home address, but you can only use it when the participating locations are open again. If you have already purchased a Rotterdam Welcome Card, then you can keep it and use it when you visit Rotterdam later this year.

Visitor’s information

Rotterdam Tourist Information Coolsingel (in the garden of the Schielandshuis), Central Station and giftshop Love Rotterdam are open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10 to 17 hours. Hoek van Holland will open at Friday 22 May. The giftshop at Rotterdam Central Station is open. Do you have questions about Rotterdam and our service? Contact one of our employees by phone or via e-mail.

About Rotterdam
Phone: +31 (0) 10 790 01 85 (09.00 – 17.00 hours)

About Hoek van Holland, Rotterdam Beach:
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Stay healthy, and we hope to be able to welcome you to Rotterdam and at Rotterdam Tourist Information again soon!

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