Antropoceen, de musical - Club Gewalt

25 August 2021

Dystopic eco-tainment about how Man is destroying Earth


Club Gewalt goes musical. Why? Because it’s necessary.

Science made it official. Together with this entire clump of rock & soil, we have entered a new geological era in which Man is the biggest influence on the earth’s surface: the Anthropocene. And we = fucked. Anthropocene, the Musical is a musical on steroids, that turns to our last resort in this ecological crisis: making its complexity bearable through a showstopping epos with song and dance.

Hofboog Air Park

Longest roof in the Netherlands

With a length of 1.9 kilometers, the roof of the Hofbogen is the longest roof in the Netherlands. The first part of the long roof, located on the roof of Hofplein Station, is designed as a public park.

The Air Park is accessible to everyone every day. Local residents, Rotterdammers and tourists can enter the Hofboog Air Park via the Luchtsingel and the entrance on the Heer Bokelweg. Visitors can lounge in the grass, have a picnic, sit on one of ...

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