12, 13, 14, 15 August

FAKE ME HARD is a spectacular exhibition about big data, algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). Experience large-scale, futuristic installations from more than 40 artists in the gigantic spaces of AVL Mundo.

Upon arrival you are invited to create a self-made fake identity, with which you can enter a mysterious world. Music-making robots and computer-generated influencers playfully set the tone. A low-hanging nebula, illuminated by lasers, points the way. Your voyage of discovery leads you along thrilling art installations that confront you with urgent questions. Are we humans still in charge of our own lives, or do algorithms and technology determine what is fact and fiction? And what is the role of humans in tomorrow’s society?

Atelier van Lieshout / AVL Mundo

Atelier Van Lieshout / AVL Mundo is the studio founded by sculptor, painter and visionary Joep van Lieshout. After graduating from the Rotterdam Art Academy, Van Lieshout quickly became familiar with projects that traveled between the world of simple clean design and the non-functional realm of art: sculpture and installations, buildings and furniture, utopias and dystopias.

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