Guided tour of the Nelle factory

1 January 2024 till 31 December 2025

Excursion, Guided tour

You will walk through the factory with an experienced architectural guide. The architecture, the history of Van Nelle, the production process in the factory and the transformation to a new future are discussed.

The Chabot Museum (Baas & Stokla, 1938) and the UNESCO World Heritage Van Nelle Factory (Brinkman & Van der Vlugt, 1930) are closely related to the internationally renowned Bauhaus. Find out all about it in this guided tour with an UrbanGuides guide.

Chabot Museum Rotterdam

Henk Chabot

The Chabot Museum manages one of the most important collections of painter and sculptor Henk Chabot (1894-1949), a Dutch expressionist. As a painter of farmers and gardeners, of the Dutch landscape and of refugees and people in hiding during the war years, Chabot has his own place within Dutch modern art.

Monumental white villa

The museum is located in the monumental white villa from 1938, whic...

Periodieke tijden

Saturday 15:00 - 16:00
Sunday 14:00 - 15:00
Maan- en feestdagen gesloten. Voor scholen is het museum – op aanvraag – ook open tussen 09:00 uur en 11:00 uur.

Price overview

Children tot 18 jaar € 12.5 t/m € 12.5
Pasholders Rotterdampas / Museumkaart € 15 t/m € 17.5
Adults 18+ € 19.5 t/m € 19.5