Maand van de geschiedenis - Eureka.. het fiscaal zegel !

1 November 2023

During History Month – with this year’s theme: ‘Eureka’, we will pay attention to the online exhibition ‘Sealed, 400 years of tax stamps’. After all, the inventor of the tax seal Johannes Lemaire experienced a real eureka moment in 1623. This moment had major global consequences, because after the seal was rolled out in the republic, the whole world followed suit.

Guest curator Fons Overwater will take you through the history of the tax stamp in a fascinating 45-minute lecture. Then see for yourself, up close, the beautiful detail of fragile, old stamps and discover the story behind this small but greatest invention.


Belasting & Douane Museum

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The Tax & Customs Museum, located in one of the most beautiful parts of Rotterdam, shows that taxes can be fun, even for children. Take a surprising journey through the history of taxes in the Netherlands and find out where the money is, then and now. Or dive into the world of Customs, in which smuggling objects and stories bring Customs' work to life.

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Tijdens schoolvakanties is het museum ook op maandagen geopend.

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