The Rotterdam Drag Show

till 11 December 2021

The time has finally come: Europe has its own large drag production. The hippest and most progressive city in the Netherlands has the honour to host this show. Prior to the official start in September, The Rotterdam Drag Show had a special edition on May 20 on the Eurovision Song Contest Village Stage. And the Eurovision vibe continues with this specials edition of The Rotterdam Drag Show.

As of September the show will be hosted in the Schiecentrale in Rotterdam.


Transformed building

Tough and versatile: the Schiecentrale. Architecture icon and creative hotspot. A collection of 8 quirky buildings in a unique location in Rotterdam: the Lloydkwartier, a vibrant breeding ground with the character of a port.

The Schiecentrale has been transformed from an electricity factory into a multifunctional building. The complex offers space for offices, events, studios, catering, living-work spaces, loft apartments and a hotel. Here is an overview o...

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