Characteristic residential neighbourhood surrounded by water.

Midstream in the Nieuwe Maas, a historic island is linked to the rest of the city by a web of bridges. Although Noordereiland is primarily residential, it has attracted a strikingly high percentage of people working in the arts. Consequently, the area is known as Montmartre on the Maas. The Noordereiland is a perfect place for a lovely stroll (or jog!) along the waterfront. It offers a phenomenal view of the river and the Rotterdam skyline.

The red bridge is known as Willemsbrug, connecting Noordereiland to the city. The soaring bridge with its asymmetrical pylons is the famous Erasmus Bridge. The Koningshavenbrug, a former railway bridge colloquially known as De Hef, is no longer in use, but remains standing as a monument to the Breda-Rotterdam rail line that once crossed it several times a day. Pop-up seafood restaurant A La Plancha sets up shop every summer on the old embankment of the Willemsbrug, attracting many locals from the rest of Rotterdam to Noordereiland.

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