In Rotterdam with kids

Rotterdam with kids

In Rotterdam with kids

If you’re looking for a great holiday destination or a fun day out with the kids, there is a lot to do and discover in Rotterdam. Have fun on or next to the water, explore the museums or clamber and climb in one of the parks or indoor playgrounds: Rotterdam has it all! Check out our 11 tips below.

1. Take a watery ride with the Watertaxi!

Board the Cirkellijn, the new hop-on-hop-off boat connection of the Watertaxi that sails along the city’s most beautiful sights every weekend and on public holidays. Enjoy an hour-long ride and hop on and off at the stops to visit amazing attractions such as SS Rotterdam, the Euromast, or Hotel New York. It’s an enchanting adventure full of discoveries through the city!

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2. Step into the wilderness and explore Diergaarde Blijdorp

At Diergaarde Blijdorp, you’ll find both the smallest and the largest animals. But there’s also plenty to discover by getting hands-on yourself. In the Oceanium, for example, visitors can do water experiments and use a microscope to observe shrimps and larvae. Even if it rains, there’s no need to worry. Diergaarde Blijdorp offers numerous indoor areas, including the Biotopia playground. And when the kids want to have some active fun, they can play in the large tower of the Oewanja Kinderjungle, which has a special section for toddlers and young children.

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3. Villa Zebra: a playful world of art for young explorers

Villa Zebra is a children’s museum of visual art where little ones can playfully engage with contemporary art. Explore interactive exhibitions and art installations that stimulate the imagination. Enjoy cozy storytelling afternoons where stories come to life in an artistic environment. It’s the perfect destination for young art enthusiasts!

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4. Sun, sea, and adventure in Hoek van Holland

Discover Hoek van Holland with the family! With the new metro connection from Rotterdam city center, you can reach the beach in just 40 minutes. The children can swim, surf, bodyboard, paddleboard, skimboard, and kite. For less water-related fun, there’s a petting zoo and historical sights like Bunker Bremen and Hamburg & Fort 1881. Make memories in this beautiful coastal town!

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5. Remastered Experience: where art comes to life

Immerse yourself in an interactive and immersive audiovisual journey where you become one with the art. Walk through a waterfall, go on an adventure with extraterrestrial creatures from Jeroen Bosch, experience time travel, and surround yourself with the masterpieces of Dutch Old Masters like Van Gogh and Mondrian. Each time, you enter a new world full of surprises and excitement.

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6. Explore the enchanting world of Plaswijckpark

Plaswijckpark is a unique place where you can combine playfulness with nature and animals. Children can have fun in different playgrounds, from climbing and scrambling in the large playground to splashing in the water playground. Meet the animals in the Dierenwijck section of the park or enjoy a picnic on the grass. Plaswijckpark also offers cozy food and beverage establishments where you can enjoy refreshing drinks and tasty treats. In short, it’s a day full of entertainment!

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7. Brienenoord: Rotterdam’s hidden island

Underneath the Brienenoord Bridge, you’ll find an extraordinary natural area with forests, meadows, pools, and open water. While walking around, you might come face to face with Scottish Highlanders grazing peacefully. The area is abundant with birds, plants, and butterflies. Don’t forget your binoculars! The view over the Maas River and the skyline of Rotterdam will enchant you. And if that’s not enough, you can also visit Buitenplaats Brienenoord: a thinking, playing, and working place for all ages!

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8. Miniworld: a compact world full of wonder

Visit Miniworld where the most beautiful places and landmarks of Rotterdam are recreated in scale, down to the smallest details. Admire the impressive harbor, the stunning historical buildings, and see how the bustling city center looks at night. Let yourself be surprised in this miniature city full of fun and amazement!

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9. Discover the natural playground of Klimpark Fun Forest

Klimpark Fun Forest is the perfect place if you’re looking for challenging courses for both young and old. Climb over obstacles, zip through the trees on ziplines, and conquer the water during an exciting paddleboarding session. Dare to try the Monkey Trail with balance beams, climbing frames, and ropes. And for the true daredevils, there are courses as high as 15 meters, with a bungee jump and freefall.

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10. Euromast: admire Rotterdam from great heights

Experience a stunning view of the city by visiting the Euromast. Enjoy the new Euroscoop. During a lift-off experience, you’ll be prepared for a ride to the top with music, lights, and a spectacular view. Besides enjoying the beautiful panorama of Rotterdam, you can also reserve a table and enjoy a meal with your family. In the Euromastpark, next to the Euromast, you’ll also find an outdoor mini-golf park with 18 holes. A fun activity for all ages, including special golf clubs for toddlers.

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11. Discover the magic of the sea at the Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum is a true family museum where adventure takes center stage. Children can embark on a playful discovery tour in Professor Plons’ harbor. They’ll learn about ships, cranes, the harbor, and maritime transport. But that’s not all! The museum also has an outdoor area where you can take a look on board working ships and cranes. Step aboard and experience the thrill of the maritime world.

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