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Hoek van Holland’s beach is 250-metres wide and 3.5 km long. The dunes with freely accessible cycling and hiking trails lie behind it. The typical dune flora is best seen during a brisk walking or cycling trip through the van Dixhoorndriehoek. The beach can be divided into three areas.

The ‘Large’ Beach

The southern part is the area near the Badweg and the Zeekant. Most of the beach pavilions are here and most of the beach events also take place in this area. Many facilities are available: showers, (disabled) toilets, parking places, beach wheelchairs, a first aid station, lifeguards, children’s play areas and bicycle parking. There are also shops and other facilities on the Zeeplein square at the end of the Badweg. Cyclists and hikers can stop for a rest and enjoy the beautiful view of the beach, sea and mouth of the Nieuwe Waterweg.

More Hoek van Holland?

Hoek van Holland is a wonderful place to enjoy the beach and the sea. But this coastal town has much more to offer. Discover what you can do in Hoek van Holland.

Water Sports?

The Hoek van Holland coast is a popular place for water sports enthusiasts. It is excellent for surfing, kiting, paddle boarding and sailing. The Hoekse Beach on the Rechtestraat is the place to be. For lessons, see the list of instructors below:

The Northern Beach

The northern part of the beach can be found at Slag Stuifkenszand and extends to ‘s-Gravenzande (Slag Vlugtenburg). You can enjoy lovely walks on this quiet beach. You will also find the naturist beach between beach poles 116 and 117. Nudist recreation is not permitted in the dune area.

The Noorderpier

In the extension of the Koningin Emmaboulevard you will find the Noorderpier. Almost half of this 4.5-kilometre long dam was accessible to walkers and fishermen, but it is now closed due to safety concerns. Remnants of the Atlantikwall defence line can still be seen at the beginning.

  • A number of rules are valid on the beach of Hoek van Holland. These rules have been documented in the Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening (General Local Regulation) of the municipality of Rotterdam/district Hoek van Holland. You can reach the area committee by e-mail , telephone 14 010 or by letter. Area Committee Hoek van Holland, PO Box 70012, 3000 KP Rotterdam;
  • Starting barbecues and campfires is NOT allowed due to fire hazard and environmental issues;
  • Starting and landing the abovementioned vessels is only allowed on the parts of the beach that are designated with signs. Using Jetskies is NOT allowed;
  • From 1 May to 1 October, between 10.00 am and 19.00 pm, it is not allowed to take a horse onto the beach;
  • In the period between 1 May and 1 October dogs are NOT allowed on the beach between 9.00 am and 19.00 pm. This restriction is not valid for the beach between the Verkeersbegeleidingscentrum Rivierkant (Traffic Centre) (to be recognized by the yellow radar mast) and the Waterway. In the DUNES there is no dog ban. However, your dog must be on a leash. Check out the dog walking areas here;
  • It is forbidden to drive on the beach with a motor vehicle or moped. It is also forbidden to cycle. This also applies to the walkways on the beach. Parking of bicycles is not permitted on these paths. The bicycle racks must be used;
  • The so-called “competitive kiting” is classified as an event. For recreational kiting there are no special regulations. You are, however, asked to take the safety of other beach visitors into account;
  • For kite surfers a special start and landing zone is available. This is also indicated by signs on the beach;
  • Nude recreation is only allowed on the specially designated beach area. This is located 50 metres north of the Slag Stuifkenszand. Nude recreation is NOT allowed in the dunes.

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