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Daisy Kroon is a designer born and bred in Rotterdam. In 2007 she launched her own label, and in 2014 she opened her own studio in Rotterdam North. Despite Kroon’s conceptual approach, her designs are very wearable and luxurious. The label revolves around bold colours, refined materials, and the reflection of the designer’s own personality. It’s a name with an international, almost Scandinavian allure.

Kroon has long since broken with the fashion industry ritual of releasing a new collection every six months. “I’m no longer ashamed of the timelessness of my collections. I revel in my basic models that keep coming back, and I keep adding new designs to them.” Having her own boutique and workshop gives her the chance to bounce her designs off her customers immediately. “I really love that interaction.”

Rotterdam’s down-to-earth mentality inspires her. “A dress can’t be too challenging. A woman wants to be able to wear it with high heels and with sneakers. She has to feel good in it, and that means the most important thing is that it has a nice fit.”


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