Escape Room ss Rotterdam

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The story of the Escape Room ss Rotterdam is based on the mysterious secrets of the ship’s former captain. The story takes place at the end of the 1990s, when Premier Cruises took over the ship from the Holland-America Line, and rechristened the ship the ss Rembrandt.

The Escape Room activity on board the ss Rotterdam takes place in two identical rooms on D deck, deep within the ship, which formerly served as cold stores. The participants are ‘locked’ in one of these cold stores. Cooperation is essential if the group members want to find the right clues and codes, and draw the right conclusions to ultimately solve the riddles. Participants have just 60 exciting and action-packed minutes to unravel all the mysteries of the captain.

Because the participants have to work together, and that means getting to know each other better, the Escape Room is an ideal teambuilding activity. But of course it’s also a great time for friends and family. Last but not least, an Escape Room experience can be combined with other activities on board the ss Rotterdam, such as a lunch, dinner, reception, meeting, event, tour or overnight stay on board.

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