Historic Delfshaven

Attraction, Harbour, Outdoor location

This picturesque marina is one of the few parts of the old town that survived the bombing of Rotterdam in 1940. It has a remarkable history as the place from which the Pilgrim Fathers left for America and as the birthplace of naval hero Piet Hein.

In the past, people in Delfshaven earned their living by fishing for herring and distilling jenever. Now you will find cosy antique and trinket shops, cafes and restaurants in the historic canal houses. Such as Bierbrouwerij De Pelgrim and café De Oude Sluis, both with terraces in the harbour. The terrace of ‘t Ouwe Bruggetje, one of the better restaurants in Rotterdam, faces the water.

Historic Delfshaven has always retained its authentic look, and the old-fashioned flour mill De Distilleerketel is an important landmark. Delfshaven can be reached by metro, tram 8 (to Spangen) and tram 4 (to Marconiplein) and the Watertaxi. 


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