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House Sonneveld

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Ultra-modern house

House Sonneveld, an example of Het Nieuwe Bouwen from 1933, offers a unique insight into the life of the Sonneveld family. This ultra-modern house, designed by architectural firm Brinkman and Van der Vlugt, perfectly reflects the time in which it was built. Visitors can walk freely through the house with an audio tour that reveals the family's story and the house's secrets. Children can enjoy the special 'Staying with Leonard' tour, where the family's grandson shows them around the house. The house is a beautiful example of harmony between architecture, interior and furnishings and radiates luxury and comfort, with almost all furniture and lamps coming from Gispen. With its spacious and bright spaces, balconies and panoramic views of the garden, Huis Sonneveld offers a fascinating experience of a personal living environment from that time.


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