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Penthouse Prison

Bed and Breakfast

Penthouse Prison, located in the heart of Rotterdam situated on the top floor of the former police-station.

Penthouse Prison is part of a social project, called Heilige Boontjes. The basic idea is that young Rotterdammers – that have a so-called distance to the labour market – will be helped and trained to get and hold a job in the cafe, restaurant on the ground floor and the Bed&Breakfast on the top floor.

Of the complex of 6 prison cells, 4 cells have been converted with modern beds for comfort, but the general impression of the prison is still intact. There is one cell with a queen sized bed and three with a single bed. One cell is used as a toilet and one is used for general purpose to relax with a tv and books.
Thanks to the unwavering commitment of Daan Bakker from Daf-architecten, the building has been given a new future while retaining its social purpose.