Port Pavilion

Architecture, Harbour, Museum

Enthusiastic Port Hosts full of great tips & trips will help you put together your ideal port excursion. The eleven-metre-long scale model with interactive projection offers you a complete overview of cycling routes, viewpoints, tours, attractions, beaches, nature and recreational areas in and around the port. The introduction to the port already starts in Port Pavilion with six impressive screens that are constantly in motion. Sometimes separately and sometimes together they show views and contrasts that the port area has to offer, stretching across more than 40 kilometres.

Leuve Pavilion

Besides being home to Port Pavilion, Leuve Pavilion also contains workplaces that are open to the public. Welders, blacksmiths and carpenters from the Maritime Museum demonstrate their skills here. You can also enjoy ice cream, waffles and excellent coffee at Loeve.

You will find Port Pavilion at the Leuvehaven, in the middle of the Maritime District, not far from the place where the port of Rotterdam originated.


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