Rozenburg headland

Harbour, Nature reserve, Recreation area


The headland is surrounded by ports and industry: kilometers of shiny pipes, chrome towers and refinery lights twinkle all around. Every now and then a meter-high red tongue of fire shoots out of one of the towers. The contrast between the rugged nature and the industry of the Botlek makes the Landtong an unforgettable experience.

The Rozenburg headland, which is the other bank of the Nieuwe Waterweg between Rotterdam and Hoek van Holland. What no one knows is that you end up in pure nature on the 10 kilometer long peninsula. Every few steps there is a new discovery: flocks of migratory birds, ancient cows in a lake, galloping wild horses. There is also plenty of life along the shore. Shells and aquatic plants grow due to ebb, flow and the interaction of salt with fresh water. A sturgeon, up to six meters long, salmon and eels are spotted. When the mud flats dry up at low tide, seals are often found resting on them from the hunt. Allow about 2 hours for a walk.