About Shimmer

Shimmer is a non-profit exhibition space, events program and online platform dedicated to contemporary art and culture. Our organization is at the forefront of local and international art with experimental curatorial and public events.

We are influenced by the lecture Shimmer, when all you love is being trashed, by anthropologist and feminist theorist Deborah Bird Rose. Her knowledge encourages us to be modest, to pay attention and to listen attentively. In this way we hope that the works of art, artists, audiences and materials unite and extend over and in time. We hope that they provide breathing space for these entities to share time and space with us.

Side by side with our exhibitions are the event program Sunday Mornings With…, the informal online program Across The Way With…, in which lectures are shared, and the online mixtape On The Waves With… With this we move in both the personal and public space.


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