Son of a Brand Agency

Art / Antiques, Clothing, jewelry

Son of a Brand Agency is primarily a progressive fashion agency for Scandinavian labels to retailers. The brands represented include Clean Cut Copenhagen, Fat Moose Brand and North Legacy. Since October 2020 they have a shop & showroom at Soetendaalseweg 95 in Rotterdam North. With this location Son of a Brand wants to focus not only on the retailer, but also on the consumer. It is also a creative breeding ground where there is also room for expos, live streams, open DJ booth, art and book launches.

Behind Son of a Brand are the duo Thomas van Boheemen (28) and Raquel Duvalois (30). Thomas has an experienced background in sales and has worked in many different sections within the fashion industry. Raquel has proven himself over the years as a freelance graphic designer and creative concept developer. Together they form the core of Son of a brand in which they combine their individual talents and experience to create a complete service for their customers: selling quality brands and products with an authentic story.

Photographer: ©Landa Penders


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