Spido sails the whole year round from the foot of the Erasmus Bridge, offering day tours and theme cruises on the water. Spido is one of Rotterdam’s biggest attractions. Founded in 1919 as a water transport service, the company reinvented itself after the Second World War as a cruise operator. Today it is a five-ship fleet offering a variety of tours.

The Port of Rotterdam tour (75 minutes) sails year-round and gives passengers a short but powerful impression of Rotterdam’s container ports. The route also passes sights like the Hotel New York, the Euromast, and the ss Rotterdam. A number of exciting day trips are also available, like to the tweede Maasvlakte or Willemstad. Spido also frequently runs theme cruises such as the Bridge Tour or Valentine Dinner Cruise. In July and August, there are summer tours and extended port cruises, each with a duration of 2.5 hours. All these tours can also be booked for groups up to a maximum of 200 persons. Tours are normally given in Dutch, with English, French and German available on request.

You’ll find Spido in the Scheepsvaartkwartier (Maritime District), a five-minute walk from metro and tram station Leuvenhaven. Parking is available at Spido for both passenger cars and touring cars.

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Phone: 010 275 9988

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Extra Information

There are daily departures, check the Spido website for the current sailing schedule.

Price overview

  • Price adult

    € 13,25

  • Price 65+

    € 11,25

  • Price child

    € 8,-

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De Delft Museum

At the historic shipyard you can see how a replica of the eighteenth-century warship De Delft is being constructed.
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Drijvend Paviljoen

Floating Pavilion is a complex consisting of three floating half-spheres. The structure will be 12 metres tall, with a total floor area the size of four tennis courts, and will be fully relocatable. For the first five years, the futuristic pavilion will be moored in the Rijnhaven, serving as an exhibition and reception space. This pavilion will be remarkable not only because of its shape, consisting of three floating half-spheres, but also because of its climate change resilient, innovative, sustainable and flexible qualities.
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De Majesteit

De Majesteit has remained one of Europe s largest and most luxurious paddle steamers since it was launched in 1926. This royal steamer was restored in 1999 after years of cruising around the continent. It is over 80 metres long and 16 metres wide and can accommodate up to 600 passengers. The interior of the saloons, with their gem-like woodwork and glass, whisk you back in time. De Majesteit Paddle Steamer can be hired for various events including business trips and dinner shows. The whole steamer or just one of its five saloons can be hired. Guests can enjoy drinks, dinners or parties...
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