The fact that you no longer wear a piece of clothing itself does not mean that the end of its life cycle is already in sight. This proof is provided by The Swapshop, where garments that are still in good condition but no longer worn by their current owner, find a new owner.

How it works? Per visit you can return a maximum of 5 items (clothing, shoes or accessories) that you no longer wear yourself but that are still in good condition. You will receive Swaps on your account for each item. The higher the quality of an item, the more Swaps you get. You can use your Swaps for other items returned in the shop, where each Swap gives you a €1 discount on the total price. You get a maximum of 50% discount per item. Your Swaps remain valid indefinitely and you can also bet on events of The Swapshop and on their webshop. Online orders can be picked up in the shop or you can have it shipped to your home for a fee.

The first permanent The Swapshop location can be found in De Wasserij, an innovative and creative textile incubator in North Rotterdam.

More locations will certainly be added to this! With The Swapshop, the founders Laura Suijkerbuijk and Monique Drent want to extend the life of fashion items and make swapping clothes the norm.


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