Wikkelboats Rijnhaven


Wikkelboats are tiny houseboats that are multifunctional and sustainably furnished. On a Wikkelboat you can relax, spend the night, but you can also hold meetings there . Experience how a tiny houseboat, despite or perhaps thanks to the limited space, inspires you to think differently about living and the amount of things you need. Experience a special overnight stay on the water.

Why is it called a Wikkelboat? The top of the boat is wrapped in 24 layers of corrugated cardboard, making the boat not only very light but also well insulated in terms of sound and temperature. There is a kind of raincoat around it and a wooden covering layer around it. The underside is made of aluminum or concrete (with an underwater basement) and also contains the air conditioning and water drainage. Some versions of the Wikkelboat can sail, but this is not possible for guests.


Address & Contact

  • Antoine Platekade 995
  • 3072 ME Rotterdam