Zuid-Hollands Landschap fietsroute

Cycle path

There are beautiful areas around the two Maasvlaktes. Both medieval natural and cultural lands, as well as new nature reserves that were created after the construction of the Europoort. The combination of nature and industry makes this cycling tour a spectacular experience.

The cycling tour is supported with information on your smartphone or tablet with internet. Scan the QR codes on the map or on the route signs along the way at the various stops. You will then receive background information about what you see in nature, culture and how industry is doing its best for sustainable management of landscape and nature.

The 35-kilometer bike ride takes about six hours, including sailing time and stops. The tour takes you on cycle paths through dunes and a large-scale industrial area. Be aware of (heavy) traffic at the crossings. You enjoy this spectacular bike ride best in clear, windless weather. There is plenty of opportunity along the way to stop for a cup of coffee or something delicious.

Please note: due to the (temporary) absence of a ferry service from Hoek van Holland, the route cannot be fully cycled