Gay Friendly Rotterdam

Diversity is the standard in Rotterdam. Here, 170 nationalities live together in harmony, and this cultural wealth is celebrated exuberantly. In this city, where ‘being different’ does not exist, because everyone is different, everyone can be themselves. These are the hot spots of the Rotterdam LHBTQIA+ scene.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

The best way to start your day is with a visit to Dekoffiebar, surrounded by high-end fashion stores, on Karel Doormanstraat. Inside, you can enjoy a cup of Italian Buscaglione coffee on Chesterfield couches, and film noir on the brick walls. Outside, on the terrace, you can enjoy watching the passers-by. For a tasty lunch with an excellent glass of wine, try Nostra on the Van Oldenbarneveltstraat, which has long been the place where a mix of gays and shopping fashionistas gather.

Restaurant Bomm in Kralingen has a lovely ambience and a menu with plenty of options for lunch and dinner, or drinks and snacks. Finally, whether you’re looking for of a cup of tea on the terrace, a (vegetarian) burger, a gin & tonic or a place to dance the night away, you can’t go wrong at FERRY on the Westblaak, open from 14:00.

Gay bars

If you’re looking for somewhere cool to have a drink, the best gay bars are concentrated in the centre of Rotterdam. If you draw a line from Churchillplein to Westblaak, and from Westblaak to Mauritsweg, you have Rotterdam’s ‘pink triangle’. Start on Van Oldenbarneveltstraat at wine bar Nostra, then cross the street to experience the exhilarating vibe at Strano, where a young and mixed clientele party. Next door, you will find the Regenboog party café. Loge ’90 is a fixture in Rotterdam’s gay nightlife and has the feel of a neighbourhood pub where everyone knows each other.


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Keerweer: time and time again, a vibrant place

This cozy pub, small in size but colorful in character, has an impressive reputation as a popular gay bar on the street that bears the same name in het city center. The doors open in the afternoon and only close again at dawn. It’s no wonder that many people come here for a nightcap after a night on the dance floor. The annual spectacular Keerweer Parade is famous: Dutch artists and flamboyant drag queens perform. It doesn’t matter how early or late you arrive at Keerweer, the fun is always present, and that’s why so many people keep coming back. Every time: elke Keer Weer in Dutch.

FERRY: party without borders

Dancing without barriers is what FERRY stands for and strives for, with diversity as its greatest asset. Originally started as a magazine in 2011, FERRY has grown into the meeting place for the LGBTQIA+ community in Rotterdam. Step into a welcoming environment where you can be yourself while enjoying the music and the delicious menu. On Fridays and Saturdays, a DJ provide an mix of contemporary hits and classics. The entrance is as free as you feel!

Café Bonaparte: Embrace your fabulous self

Café Bonaparte is the vibrant gay and drag café in the heart of Rotterdam. This colorful and lively establishment is a true oasis of diversity and acceptance. The atmosphere is filled with joy and creativity. This café is the place where gay and drag artists come together to shine and showcase their talents. In addition, Café Bonaparte’s menu is as diverse as its visitors, so you will always find something to your taste.

Rotterdam Pride

Every year, it’s time for Rotterdam Pride, and the city buzzes with LGBTQIA+ emancipation, equality and acceptance. Get ready for Pride Talks, community events and a diverse range of activities organized by various parties in the city. Together, we celebrate diversity and strive for an inclusive society where everyone can be themselves. Check out Rotterdam Pride for all the information!

Rotterdam #3 most LGBTQ-friendly cities in the world

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