Delft is the city of Delft Blue, Orange and Vermeer. City of beautifully preserved history and culture. Also the city of shopping, lively terraces and hearty food and drinks. You can reach it in less than fifteen minutes by train from Rotterdam Central Station: perfect for a visit during your stay in Rotterdam.

Princes’ City

If you think of Delft, you think of Delft Blue. In the time of the Dutch East India Company, about 400 years ago, the potters came into contact with Chinese porcelain and created Delft pottery. The world-renowned Delftware is still painted by hand according to age-old traditions. The Royal Delft Experience – in the only remaining Delft earthenware factory Royal Delft – takes you on a journey through the history and the production process of the pottery.

Delft – also called the Princes’ City – has been associated with the royal family the House of Orange for centuries. They have lived here, were married here and are buried in the tomb in the Nieuwe Kerk where William of Orange, the Father of the Nation, lies. Here you can also visit his impressive mausoleum.

Another celebrity is Delft painter Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675), the 17th-century master of light. In the Vermeer Centre Delft, you can discover everything about his life, work and the Delft he lived in. He was born there and worked and lived there all his life. Very special is the recent discovery (after 100 years of searching) of the address of the simple house from his painting ‘The Little Street’: the Vlamingstraat.

Art & Science

Museum Prinsenhof Delft shows how Delft has contributed to the development of the Netherlands with creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. It introduces you to Delft artists and scientists, like the aforementioned Johannes Vermeer, Anthony van Leeuwenhoek (inventor of the microscope) and Hugo de Groot. There is also much attention for William of Orange and Delftware.

Delft is also known for its Technical University (TU Delft). In the Science Centre Delft, part of the TU, children come into contact with science in a fun way. You can design your own aeroplane wing, prevent a dyke breach and much more. The Botanical Garden of TU Delft is an oasis of peace, colour, aromas and quiet, with a comprehensive collection of technical plants: plants and herbs that are used or eaten by people.

Delft’s historical city centre is easy to explore on one of the many walking or boat tours. Ask at the Tourist Information (VVV) or visit the website.

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