Jenever capital and gin-city with an old-Dutch city centre and the tallest windmills in the world: this is Schiedam in short. Less than ten minutes from Rotterdam you will find many gin distilleries, romantic canals, historic warehouses and characteristic drawbridges. Ideal for a day trip from Rotterdam.

Jenever Capital

Schiedam is home to major players in the spirits market that have been established for centuries, alongside young and trendy brands that have chosen Schiedam as the home for their products. Many old warehouses, distilleries and roasting houses – once there were 392 active – have been transformed into residences, shops, restaurants, museums and galleries. One of them is the National Jenever Museum Schiedam, where you can learn about the history of jenever and even witness the distillation of Old Schiedam jenever from 100% malt wine, just like 300 years ago. You can also book one of the jenever and gin tours or tastings.

Tip: From March through June, the distillers district’s history is being celebrated with various activities. Don’t miss out on the annual National Jenever and Gin Festival in March or the International Dutch Distillers Festival in June, where you can enjoy tastings, workshops, tours, and music.

Mills and port

The Schiedam mills in the city centre owe their existence to the jenever past, where grain was ground for the burners. You can experience mill life by visiting De Walvisch, where the miller shows how the mill turns and grinds in the grain loft. You’ll also have a magnificent view of the other mills in Schiedam from the wooden balcony circling the mill. Unique for the Netherlands is that all the mills are within walking distance.

The port of Schiedam is part of the Port of Rotterdam and is where the river Schie flows into the Maas, winding its way straight through the city. You can take a trip over the harbours of Schiedam in an electric boat, or visit the special jetties for sailing enthusiasts in Lange Haven and Florynhaven.

Art & Culture

Schiedam has inspired designers and artists for centuries, resulting in dozens of galleries and artworks in public spaces. The Stedelijk Museum Schiedam is a must-see for art lovers, housing Dutch art from post-1945 and the first museum to purchase CoBrA artworks in the fifties. The museum also has an extensive collection from the period 1948-1960 with work from CoBrA artists like Karel Appel, Constant, and Lucebert.

Makers Hub

Finally, Schiedam is unique because of its presence of craftsmanship in all sorts of different specialties. You’ll find De Bonte Koe, a chocolatier that incorporates liquors from Schiedam in their products, and Yokohama Ramen Saito, an authentic Japanese ramen restaurant that uses flour produced in a windmill in Schiedam. There are many other makers located within walking distance from each other that you can discover.

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