Walking and cycling

Walking and biking in and around Hoek van Holland

Walking and cycling

While walking in Hoek van Holland and surroundings, you can enjoy the lovely views, the smell of the dunes and the sound of the waves and the wind. Hoek van Holland is excellent for exploring by bicycle. Many accommodations, attractions and sites are accessible via special cycling trails.

Walking and cycling trails

Below you will find a selection of the walking and cycling trails that can be found at the Tourist Information Hoek van Holland (Stationsweg 11).

The ‘Oranjebonnen’ 30, polders between Hoek van Holland, Maassluis and the Westland have recently changed into a green and open area. It is an ideal environment for cyclists, walkers, skaters and horse lovers.

The forests, the dunes, the beach and the sea are ideal for exploring on foot. Below are some of the walking routes available at Tourist Information Hoek van Holland.

Walking Route: Naval Heroes Route

Distance: 3 km (return 6 km)
A walking tour through forest and dunes marked by striking mushrooms and poles with a red tip. A story is written on the mushrooms that reminds us of former seafarers. The route starts at the Tourist Information on the Stationsweg and ends in the dunes overlooking the sea.

Walking Route: Historical Route Hoek van Holland

Distance: 7,5 km
This historical, circular walk takes you through the beautiful village and surroundings of Hoek van Holland. Along the route you will discover various interesting sights like the Fort, the Pier and the Troposcatter. The route starts and ends at the Tourist Information on the Stationsweg.

Walking Route: Vineta

Distance: 8,5 km
This walking route, around the Vineta Dune, is indicated on route panels and poles by a lizard. The tour takes you past beautiful places with unique nature and is interesting for all ages because of the rich war history. The route starts and ends at the Tourist Information on the Stationsweg.

The troposcatter in the Vineta Dune 31 is a former American radio relay station with four large satellite dishes. The channel was used to forward messages from West Germany via the United Kingdom to the United States.

Cycling in Hoek van Holland and its surroundings

Hoek van Holland is excellent for exploring by bicycle. Many accommodations, attractions and sites are accessible via special cycling and walking trails. The village also lends itself perfectly as a starting point for, or a stopover during, short and long bike rides. For example, Hoek van Holland is a stopping point for the North Sea route (LF1) and the Maas and Fortress route (LF12) and it is also the start or finish for two major cycle routes:

Rhine Cycle Route

The Rhine Cycle Route (EuroVelo 15) is one of the most popular international cycling routes. The route starts at the source of the Rhine in Switzerland and leads to Hoek van Holland via Germany and France. On the way you will experience the rich history of Europe, the culinary specialties and the varied landscape.

Meuse Cycle Route

From the plateau of Langres to the town of Hoek van Holland, you will discover the Meuse as you have never seen it before. Cycle through 3 countries over 1152 km of marked roads and 30 stages which will take you through the many towns and villages spread out along the cycling route. www.maasfietsroute.eu

A network of bicycle junctions has been developed for cyclists in the Netherlands. A numbered sign post will send you in the direction of the next junction. Inquire about the routes at Rotterdam Tourist Information Coolsingel.

Cycle Route: Dune and Garden

Distance: 20 km
This route takes you through the dunes along the Dutch coast, through Monster and the horticultural area of the Westland. The last part of the route takes you to the Staelduinse Forest 32 between Hoek van Holland and Maasdijk.

Cycle Route: Agriculture

Distance: 25 km
Discover the Nieuwe Waterweg, the Berghaven and the beach on this route and then cycle towards the Staelduinse Forest between Hoek van Holland and Maasdijk. You then follow the cycling route through the horticultural area of Westland near Naaldwijk and ‘s-Gravenzande.

Cycle Route: Traces of the Atlantic Wall

Distance: 30 km
Hoek van Holland was part of the Atlantic Wall, the German defence line that stretched along the coast from Norway to Spain. This route introduces you to the many traces of the Second World War and the Atlantic Wall that are still present in and around Hoek van Holland.

The dunes in Hoek of Holland are part of the National Park Hollandse Duinen. For more information, walks and bicycle routes, visit www.nationaalparkhollandseduinen.nl.