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Matters of money
In Rotterdam, the euro is the legal tender. Practically anywhere in the town, you can pay at every register with cash, PIN and chip-cards. Do you need cash money? ATMs and banks are always close by, particularly in the city centre. If you need to exchange other currency into euros, you can use e.g. the services of GWK Travelex at Conradstraat (next to Central Station) and at Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Emergency phone numbers
You certainly hope it will never be necessary, but something might happen during your visit which requires medical attention. Keep the following numbers close at hand:

112 The national emergency phone number.
You can use this to receive urgent care from
doctors, police and fire departments. You can reach them on any phone. 
0900 8844 Police.
This is the national phone number for non-urgent care and problems. For emergency care, dial 112.
010 446 89 00 Fire department

There are several hospitals in Rotterdam. If you require emergency care, all these hospitals have Accident & Emergency wards.

Erasmus Medical Centre
's Gravendijkwal 230
3015 CE Rotterdam
010 704 07 04

Erasmus Medisch Centrum Sophia
Dr Molewaterplein 60
3015 GJ Rotterdam
010 704 07 04

Emergency dentist Dental365
Dr Molewaterplein 30
3015 GD Rotterdam
+31 85 105 1760

Haringvliet 2
3011 TD Rotterdam
010  404 33 00

Ikazia ziekenhuis
Montessoriweg 1
3083 AN Rotterdam
010 297 50 00

Maasstad Ziekenhuis
Maasstadweg 21
3079 DZ Rotterdam
010  291 19 11

St Fransiscus Ziekenhuis
Kleiweg 500
3045 PM Rotterdam
010  461 61 61

Rotterdam has various police stations in the city centre, but also in the outlying city districts. Police headquarters is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day:

Police Headquarters (Rotterdam City Centre):
Doelwater 5
3011 AH Rotterdam

Climate and weather
The Netherlands has a temperate, maritime climate, generally involving mild winters and cool summers. The climate is mainly due to the coastal proximity of the Netherlands to the North Sea. In general, the coastal provinces – including Rotterdam – usually have milder autumn and winter months than the inland, eastern provinces. Spring and summer in the west is usually slightly cooler than the east and south of the country. The weather is a favourite topic of conversation in the Netherlands. Not in the least because it can vary greatly, influenced by weather fronts and wind conditions. There is no universal advice or prediction we can give, so check the current weather info and forecast online before and during your trip, for instance with the Buienradar 

Luggage storage
Do you want to discover Rotterdam unencumbered by your luggage and leave it somewhere safe? This is possible at Rotterdam Central Station. Lockers can be rented for a 24-hour period. It is possible to open it before that time, but that will mean you need to pay the locker rent again. Payment beforehand, with pin or credit card. Prices from €3.85 per hour (for the first 24 hours), depending on the size of the storage locker.

National holidays 2016/17
The following days are national holidays in the Netherlands. On most of these days, employees who work in the private sector and at government agencies will have a day off. Public institutions often work Sunday shifts on these days. The hospitality sector does generally remain open on national holidays.


Christmas Day   December 25th
Boxing Day   December 26th


New Year’s Day January 1st
Good Friday April 14rd
Easter Sunday   April 16th
Easter Monday   April 17th
King’s Day     April 27th
Liberation Day  May 5th
Ascension Day  May 25th
Pentecost Sunday       June 4th
Pentecost Monday June 5th
Christmas Day   December 25th
Boxing Day   December 26th

ID required in public
In the Netherlands, and therefore also in Rotterdam, the police and regulatory authorities (such as bus and train conductors) are allowed by law to ask for your proof of ID. Care providers are also allowed to check your identity. This is only allowed in certain situations:

  • traffic surveillance
  • maintaining public order / security
  • investigating criminal offences

In those contexts, you need to be able to show an authentic, valid proof of identity (passport or ID card). If you are unable to do so, you are in violation of the law and run the risk of being taken to the police station or receiving a fine.

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