Dark Fortress + The Spirit + Asphagor

8 May 2023

Miscellaneous, Pop and Rock

For lovers of high-quality black metal, the name Dark Fortress   sound unfamiliar. The Germans have eight albums to their name, the last of which will be released in February 2020. ‘Spectres From The Old World’ was recorded under the direction of guitarist V. Santura. Of course we also know him as the guitarist of Triptykon. In singer Morean we have a fellow townsman on stage. He graduated cum laude from the local conservatory. That also indicates that we are not dealing with a bunch of attic room amateurs here.

The German band The Spirit self-released their debut ‘Sounds From The Vortex’ in 2017. That album impresses because of the great melodic black/death metal that has clear interfaces with Dissection. Nuclear Blast re-released the album a year later. That was the only collaboration with this major player. The third album ‘Of Clarity and Galactic Structures’ will be released in 2022. The band thus proves that it is not a one-hit wonder. The appreciation in the underground therefore does not lie.

Today the Austrian Asphagor opens. The band from Tyrol has been around since 2007 and has three albums to their name. Perhaps not exactly the most famous band in black metalland, but that does not alter the fact that we are dealing with a five piece that understands how to come across as vicious but also professional.


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