Destination Port City

13 December 2022 till 31 December 2028


Discover the past, present and future of Rotterdam in the new exhibition ‘Destination Port City’. Step into a virtual metro and travel from dam to world port. You will find out how the port of Rotterdam grew into the largest in Europe. Rotterdammers take you along in their stories about various places in the city, which are unmistakably shaped by the influence of the port. This exhibition is a journey through time, which shows that city and port influence each other and are inextricably linked. Step into the story of the damming of the Rotte and travel via the center to Rotterdam South, via the port area to the future. You will come across beautiful pieces from our collection and hear stories about turbulent developments.

Maritime Museum Rotterdam

Discover the enormous influence of the maritime world

Listen to stories of tough sailors, brave explorers, diligent dock workers, maritime technicians or determined captains. Admire masterpieces from the leading collection, such as the oldest ship model in Europe or the latest solar boat from TU Delft students. Go on an adventure with your children in the harbor of Professor Plons or participate in one of the many activities. The museum is located in the oldest and largest museum har...

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