Dier, Mens & Traditie - zwemmende honden, zingende twatwa’s en pronkende paarden

23 January 2021 till 29 August 2021


Natural History Museum Rotterdam

A cute museum

The permanent collection of birds, mammals, fish, insects, shells and plants shows earth's biodiversity in all its diversity. You can see all the fossils that can be found in Dutch soil in the exhibition 'Retrieved, Fished Out'. The exhibition 'Pure Resilience' shows that the city is also nature. Eye-catchers are the skeleton of a sperm whale and the skeleton of elephant Ramon.

With famous dead animals with a story such as the Dominomus, the House of Representative...

Periodieke tijden

5, 24 en 31 december sluit het museum om 15.00 uur gesloten op maandagen, 25 december, 1 januari en Koningsdag in de zomervakantie is het museum ook op maandag open open op tweede paasdag, tweede pinksterdag en tweede kerstdag

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