Fate Gear

12 July 2023

Miscellaneous, Pop and Rock

Fate Gear No, Fate Gear doesn’t make punk; the steampunk with which the band advertises itself refers to the exuberant attire, which can vary from sci-fi pirate robes to tech victorian looks. Led by guitarist Captain Mina, Fate Gear also connects game culture with a tight pot of metal, with the vocals seemingly effortlessly switching from grunts to clean pop vocals. So you’re short of ears and eyes with these headbanging steampunk vamps. In short, that’s Japanache!


Baroeg is the Rotterdam pop venue that focuses on hard and alternative music. With more than 30 years of experience in styles such as metal, punk, rock, gothic, hard rock and industrial, Baroeg is the home base for the underground music lover.

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