Metropolis Festival

7 July 2024

Music festival

The one-day festival offers a stage to talented bands and acts that are on the verge of breaking through. It offers a search through the exciting line-up of international artists with a live reputation. You should not only listen to good music, you should experience good music live.



About Zuiderpark

So vast that you can no longer even hear the city: the Zuiderpark in Charlois, adjacent to Ahoy, is 430 football fields in size, making it the largest park in the Netherlands. With the adventure playground, beach, swamp, forests and lots of water, it is a wonderful place to spend free time.

The Zuiderpark in the South of Rotterdam is one of the largest city parks in Rotterdam. You will find forests, grass, sports fields and allotments. The park was constructed f...

Specifieke tijden

  • 7 July 2024, 12:00-21:00