9 February 2023 till 26 March 2023


Nederlands Fotomuseum presents the Polaroids and Portraits project by the Rotterdam photographer Pieter Vandermeer on the windows of the museum. The series of portraits evoke an image of New York in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Between 1984 and 1995, Pieter Vandermeer visits New York every year. He walks tirelessly through the somewhat ‘rougher’ neighborhoods there. Looks around in amazement and strikes up conversations. He is open and shows his genuine interest. This way he gets 352 New Yorkers in front of the lens. Of all ages, colors and backgrounds.

Pieter works with a ‘legendary’ Polaroid Land Camera. He gives the photos directly to his models. He keeps the negatives safe in a bag with a water tank. He is gaining local fame. His street name: ‘Polaroid Man’.

The polaroid negatives end up on a shelf in a cupboard at home. They stay there for a long time due to all kinds of circumstances. The archive of Pieter Vandermeer will be housed in the Nederlands Fotomuseum. When archiving, the New York portraits reappeared.

The photo book of the same name, which forms the basis for this presentation, will be published in the spring.

Peter Vandermeer

Pieter Vandermeer (1940) was closely involved as a photographer with the International Film Festival Rotterdam and Poetry International for more than 30 years. He put countless well-known writers and film directors on the record. His photo archive still contains a wealth of unique work. And represents great cultural value.

Dutch Photo Museum

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