Nationale Taptoe

1, 2, 3 October

Theatre festival
The Nationale Taptoe is an indoor music show. Military musicians work together with national and foreign artists and groups. There will also be free concerts in the city centre.
Come and watch an impressive show by various military orchestras. The big performance takes place at Ahoy and beforehand you can enjoy free concerts in the city centre.

Keep an eye on the festival website to receive the latest news.

Rotterdam Ahoy

Ahoy Arena

The Ahoy Arena is mainly used for large concerts, sports tournaments, family shows and conferences and the Exhibition & Event Halls for trade fairs and company parties, among other things.

In 2020, the doors of RTM Stage (concert hall and auditorium/theater) and the Rotterdam Ahoy Convention Center (RACC) opened.

RTM Internship

RTM Stage is not only the largest auditorium and the largest theater hall in the Netherlands (capacity 2,800), but, when...

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Tijdens de genoemde openingstijden zijn de kassa's van Ahoy Rotterdam telefonisch bereikbaar. Het loket van de Kassa van Ahoy is alleen geopend tijdens evenementen; openingstijden kunnen hierdoor variƫren.

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