Nothing without you

18 November 2023 till 1 June 2024


For all loyal Anna fans, party animals, bake-goers, students, hard workers, twerkers, chillers at the bar, in short, everyone who enjoys a fun evening of unabashed partying. Because this party comes back every Saturday! It won't be anything without you, you, you and me, so that's why you can come to me every Saturday.

Nothing without you is the regular club night every Saturday at Annabel! Fans of Hitfabriek, R&B2000 and all other great club nights can go wild here, but also all new Rotterdammers, students, internationals or lost party people.

What you can expect is hip-hop, R&B, danceable hits and everything that will force your feet off the floor.



Annabel is the largest music venue in Rotterdam, a stone's throw from Rotterdam Central Station. At Annabel you can see and hear international, leading acts, from hip-hop to pop to electronic. Come have a beer on the terrace or just come and dance during one of the many parties or festivals. Listen to music at one of the concerts.

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Saturday 23:00 - 04:00

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