19 May 2023


With his unobtrusive ‘guy next door’ appearance, Ollie explores topics such as overcoming obstacles, growing up in a small town, heartbreak, addiction and mental health in a way that resonates deeply with Gen Zers and millennials alike. The heavy subjects fall into a warm bath of light-hearted productions and languid beats. Ollie’s entry into the music world happened occasionally through YouTube gaming communities: initially it started with promoting music within its own circles, quickly connecting him with like-minded enthusiasts. This inspired him to release music himself as a form of therapy. That turned out to be a good idea, because the artist’s popularity has grown in six years, mainly through DIY ethics and word of mouth. Although Ollie presents his work modestly and candidly, the numbers meanwhile do not lie: he has now tapped 300 million streams. The rapper was supposed to be in Rotown in October, but unfortunately had to cancel his tour due to unforeseen circumstances. He will return in May and bring new work with him, such as the recently released Sunsets & Goodbyes. He sold the rights to the fans instead of a record label through Digital Collectibles for this project, and they sold out in minutes.


What is Rotown?

Rotown is a café, restaurant and music venue in one. Rotown was named the best stage in the Netherlands by the pop sector in 2020. Music lovers of all ages have known this place on the Nieuwe Binnenweg, near the Museum Quarter, for more than 25 years. The program mainly features alternative bands and artists, from pop to dance. The capacity is 250 visitors.

Rotown's restaurant has an informal atmosphere and serves affordable dishes for lunch and dinner, i...

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