Opening Eregalerij PLUS #28

19 March 2023


Elspeth Diederix wants to show the beauty of things in her work. According to her, the world is an infinite wealth. In her photography, Diederix searches for the moment where everything really becomes visible. In this way she shows us as viewers how the world actually is: full of surprise and beauty. Still Life Milk is one of the photos with which Elspeth Diederix won the Prix de Rome in 2002. You can consider this photo as a still life in the Dutch painting tradition: a composition of everyday objects with an underlying, symbolic meaning.

Dutch Photo Museum

History of the Photo Museum

The Dutch Photo Museum (Statedam entrance) has managed a large part of the photographic heritage in the Netherlands since the late 1980s. The museum also organizes international exhibitions on photography, guided by the strong documentary tradition and its innovation. Sometimes a social or artistic theme is central, other times an internationally iconic photographer.

The Photo Museum is still located in the striking industrial building Las Palmas, o...

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