Orange Skyline

18 March 2023

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After sitting in the car back from the last Dutch Oasis concert as young men, it was set in stone that the boys would start Orange Skyline. Now, many years later, they have already achieved a lot of success with this dream. Their track A Fire was the anthem of the Olympic winter games in Beijing, and singer Stefan reached the sixth round in the popular TV show De Slimste Mens.

The Britpop-like music of the Groningen band always has something ecstatic and grand, and they describe themselves as a ‘stadium act in a pop venue’. They ensure that the audience is completely entranced at every performance, no matter where or for how many people they are playing. Brace yourself for a night of upbeat rock with the allure of Alex Turner and Liam Gallagher.


What is Rotown?

Rotown is a café, restaurant and music venue in one. Rotown was named the best stage in the Netherlands by the pop sector in 2020. Music lovers of all ages have known this place on the Nieuwe Binnenweg, near the Museum Quarter, for more than 25 years. The program mainly features alternative bands and artists, from pop to dance. The capacity is 250 visitors.

Rotown's restaurant has an informal atmosphere and serves affordable dishes for lunch and dinner, i...

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De keuken sluit om 21.30 uur.

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