Out of This World | Sanja Marušić

18 February 2023 till 18 June 2023


The work of Sanja Marušić (1991) is colorful, narrative and personal and at the same time forms a worldly universe in itself. Her work is rooted in analogue and digital photography, integrating techniques from film, painting and collage into mixed media art. Through photography, Marušić creates miniature representations in which a human figure (usually Marušić himself) moves through surrealistic landscapes. The result is often otherworldly and dreamy.

As a true escapist, she enters an alternate dream reality and lets the audience forget everyday reality for a while. Marušić makes you think, stimulates your imagination and challenges you to tell a story based on the images she presents.

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The Dutch Photo Museum (Statedam entrance) has managed a large part of the photographic heritage in the Netherlands since the late 1980s. The museum also organizes international exhibitions on photography, guided by the strong documentary tradition and its innovation. Sometimes a social or artistic theme is central, other times an internationally iconic photographer.

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