Roaring Twenties Rotterdam

15 October 2022 till 12 March 2023


The optimistic sound of the Jazz Age was everywhere, women were given the right to vote and there was now radio and film. Exactly hundred years ago the city of Rotterdam went through a unique, thriving period of unparalleled ambition and zest for building. When in 1918 the Great War ended, the Spanish flu was under control, a new era had started. Roaring Twenties Rotterdam looks at Rotterdam through the eyes of the art-and-anything-else collector Kees Schortemeijer (1894 – 1979). Evoking a city that is no longer there. A city that was physically wiped out and where memory is missing. For this exhibition guest curator Wim Pijbes made a selection from the Schortemeijer collection, which has been donated to the Chabot Museum in its entirety, enriched with loans from the Flip Bool collection, Kunstmuseum Den Haag, Museum Rotterdam and private collections.

Chabot Museum Rotterdam

Henk Chabot

The Chabot Museum manages one of the most important collections of painter and sculptor Henk Chabot (1894-1949), a Dutch expressionist. As a painter of farmers and gardeners, of the Dutch landscape and of refugees and people in hiding during the war years, Chabot has his own place within Dutch modern art.

Monumental white villa

The museum is located in the monumental white villa from 1938, whic...

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