Rotterdam Rooftop tour

5 April 2024 till 31 October 2024

Guided tour

During this visionary 2.5-hour tour, an enthusiastic and expert guide from Inside Rotterdam will take you to four roofs that are normally limited or inaccessible. These roofs are used in various ways, such as a green roof or a roof for meetings. You see what is already happening here and there on the roofs and hear about the city's ambitions. Along the way you will enjoy beautiful views of the Rotterdam skyline.

Unsuitable for people who have difficulty walking and/or are in poor condition. You must be able to walk a number of stairs.

Inside Rotterdam

Come as a stranger, leave as a local. Inside Rotterdam offers guided city bike tours and walking tours in Rotterdam. Throughout the year, private tours are organized for small and large groups and in the high season there are open tours for tourists. In our personalized tours an enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide takes you on an in debt exploration, providing you with interesting information and entertaining stories. What Inside Rotterdam offers:...

Periodieke tijden

Saturday 14:30 - 17:00

Price overview

€ 32 t/m € 32