18 May 2022 till 22 May 2022

Exhibition, Exhibition

TEC ART presents an action-packed program with groundbreaking art by leading international artists and young Dutch talents, electronic music, creative technology, and a spectacular cyberpunk arena.

Our location and partner-in-crime? WORM, home of avant-garde recreation in the heart of the bustling Witte de With Quarter, Rotterdam. Expect international highlights and talents from the intersections of art and science, from raging robotics to oral sex, to post-truth-digital-dictatorships and the end of liberalism.


Witte de Withkwartier

What is there to do?

Go look at art at TENT or Kunstinstituut Melly , visit a performance at Theater Witte de With or immerse yourself in WORM's avant-garde film and music programming. During the day the galleries, cultural institutions and fashion shops are open, in the evening the attention shifts to the catering industry. Grand café NRC (Nieuw Rotterdams Café) is a good place to start the evening with a plate of spaghetti or fish 'n chips. If you fancy a j...

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