Thijs Boontjes

23 April 2023


Thijs Boontjes is increasingly starting to outgrow the hyperactive fairground stage and has emerged as a serious artist. Well-crafted love songs with a smile and a tear, Dutch Rock ‘n’ Roll with a wink, whatever you want to call it; Thijs Boontjes floats somewhere between the charming folk singer and the charismatic rock star.

He approaches his lyrics with a lot of satire and humour, but it is far from a joke. Thijs has an incredible sense of songwriting, as can be heard very well on his hit Deze Nacht (All Night Long), it is unmistakably Thijs and extremely catchy. After a nice round of festivals such as Zwarte Cross, Down The Rabbit Hole and Into The Great Wide Open, 2023 will be a year full of new music, and a great club tour through the Netherlands during which he will also dock in Rotown.


What is Rotown?

Rotown is a café, restaurant and music venue in one. Rotown was named the best stage in the Netherlands by the pop sector in 2020. Music lovers of all ages have known this place on the Nieuwe Binnenweg, near the Museum Quarter, for more than 25 years. The program mainly features alternative bands and artists, from pop to dance. The capacity is 250 visitors.

Rotown's restaurant has an informal atmosphere and serves affordable dishes for lunch and dinner, i...

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Specifieke tijden

De keuken sluit om 21.30 uur.

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