Vijftig jaar Whiskey Compagnie

21 October 2022 till 21 April 2023


50 Years Whiskey Infantry Company – Altus et Frigidus The Whiskey Infantry Company is formed on October 2, 1972 to provide Marines with cold weather experience and prepare them for the defense of NATO’s northern flank. The company will be integrated into the British 45 Commando Royal Marines. The unit was disbanded in 1990, but the expertise gained during this period also forms the basis for the current Arctic knowledge and skills of the Marine Corps. Operating in these expeditionary conditions requires special skills and drills plus associated equipment to survive and fight. High demands were placed on skiing skills, specific equipment and the necessary physical and mental requirements. The W-Coy was also the largest paratrooper company in the Marine Corps, there were more paratroopers but not in such a large organic context. ‘Whiskey Infantry Company; a tough club that has done pioneering work with very proud and close members, to this day’ From October 21, the exhibition 50 years Whiskey Infantry Company will open in the Marine Museum and the documentary about the W-COY can be seen on the socials.

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Marines have been used to defend our country for centuries. A difficult and responsible task that they carry out worldwide. The motto Qua Patet Orbis (as far as the world stretches) still characterizes the work of the Marine Corps.

The Marine Museum in Rotterdam is the place where you can get to know this toughest part of the Dutch Armed Forces. Special stories and images offer a personal insight into the daily life of the marine. What is it lik...

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