Winnaars Cafe Theater Festival 2023

16 December 2023

Theatre festival

In March 2023, the Café Theater Festival took place in Utrecht, Arnhem and Rotterdam. At this special festival, catering establishments become a place where nothing is what it seems. Your table is suddenly a stage and a noisy regular turns out to be an actor.

During the last edition, five winners were chosen by jury and public, who won a playground in Utrecht, Arnhem and Rotterdam with their prize. Come and see!

Theater Walhalla

You will find a real old-fashioned theatre feeling at the Theatre Walhalla in Katendrecht, the best pocket-sized theatre in Rotterdam. The programme – more than 275 performances per year – ranges from cabaret, music, theatre and children’s theatre to talk shows. The theatre is small and intimate with only 80 seats and has an atmosphere of yesteryear. The dependence Kantine Walhalla, (diagonally across the street) can accommodate 150 people.

Theatre Walhalla is named af...

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